Video Game ThiefThief game was officially announced a few weeks ago, and it instantly became one of the most anticipated projects.

The reason is simple – the game Thief has a lot of fans, it’s part of the old and very popular series in the genre of stealth. And today this exciting project has its first trailer.

Trailer Thief, which is poetically called “Out of the shadows,” in the best shows of the protagonist – Garrett, but, unfortunately, does not show gameplay, so at the moment we can not judge how it will look like the game itself.

However, the developers have promised to create new story lines, add the gloomy atmosphere, to remove most of the magical elements and to introduce the hero in the arsenal of new abilities.

For example, Garrett will be able to beat on the weak points of the enemy. In this case, the artificial intelligence of his opponents will also be better.

THIEF – Out of the Shadows Trailer

Released Thief appointed in 2014. Thief game developers have announced for the PC, PS4, and other next-generation consoles (obviously, I mean Xbox 720). And you’re interested in the game Thief? Write in the comments at the bottom of the page.