The War ZThe War Z Databases Hacked, Personal Data (E-Mails and Passwords) Stolen

Members videogame The War Z suddenly found that their personal data had been stolen during a burglary of servers, working to advance the project. Billing information remained intact.

OP Productions company said users of hacking their databases, as well as online forums. Now the studio is conducting a study of the break-in and tries to patch up the holes in the defense security.

Attacker to gain access not only to the email-addresses of users that they used to go to the forum, as well as passwords, which according to OP Productions is encrypted. There have also been kidnapped email-addresses, which are used by users to log into the game, gaming passwords, names of the characters, and even IP-addresses from which users access to The War Z.

OP says that it does not collect names and addresses of customers, so if you do not publish this information on the forum, it is no problem you just will not occur. The developers note that the payment information was not stolen, because all these data pass through another company.

Although the OP says that it encrypts all passwords, it is likely that too simple passwords can be unlocked by hackers simple search. “Our research shows that most customers do not use complex passwords” – say the developers. So you are advised to change their passwords as soon as possible on the website or through the start-up program The War Z.

If you use the same password for all services, it is better to change all passwords. OP Productions meanwhile, says that it continues to improve the security system and is consulting with advisers to help it to improve the situation.

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