MATE 1.6 desktop environment

After eight months of development release is available desktop environment MATE 1.6, in which the continued development of the code base GNOME 2.32 with preservation of the classical concept of the formation of the desktop.

The new version includes about 800 changes in the preparation of an edition was attended by 39 designers and more than 150 translators. Installation packages from MATE prepared for Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware, and openSUSE.

Unlike GNOME 2.32, MATE is completely devoid of intersections with GNOME 3, which allows the use of traditional desktop along with GNOME 2 desktop GNOME 3 and other components of the GNOME. Earlier simultaneous installation of two components of the GNOME and GNOME 3 was impossible because of the intersection of certain file names.

Of used in MATE applications include:

– File manager Caja (fork of Nautilus);
– Window manager Marco (fork Metacity);
– Display manager MDM (fork GDM);
– Text editor Pluma (fork Gedit);
– Image viewer Eye of MATE (fork of Eye of GNOME);
– View documents Atril (fork Evince);
– Manager to work with archives Engrampa (fork File-roller);
– Calculator MateCalc (fork gcalctool);
– Terminal emulator MATE Terminal (fork GNOME Terminal).

MATE 1.6 of the innovations include:

  • A great deal of work on cleaning of outdated components and replace them with the latest technologies, many of which are used in GNOME 3. New features in the library GLib. Configuration management MateConf (fork GConf) replaced by a system GSettings, which replaced the GConf. Instead MateCorba and MateComponent involved DBus. For virtual file systems instead MateVfs now uses GIO / GVFS. Library libmatenotify replaced by the libnotify. Removed obsolete packages libmateui, libmatecanvas, libmatecomponentui and libmate;
  • In the mate-session-manager, mate-screensaver and mate-power-manager adds support Systemd-logind session management to users. To complete the system with the active user sessions and to provide simultaneous operation of multiple user sessions graphics can now avoid using ConsoleKit;
  • Made major improvements to the portion of the file manager Caja: Improved implementation of the panel with links to frequently used directories, adds support for the new specification of forming miniature, added a new area to display thumbnails, provided caching background images, of Nautilus 3 ported dialog to configure the connection to the server, added interface support File Manager DBus Interface;
  • Empowering panel: added option “- run-dialog” to open a dialog to run commands, click the middle mouse button in the window list now closes the window, the interface for switching between virtual screens added ability to move from one screen to another by scrolling wheel mouse implemented a simplified method of determining the distributions of composition and design panel, other than the default settings. In connection with the migration to GSettings after the transition from past issues MATE require reconfiguration of the elements on the panel, the other settings will be carried over automatically;
  • In the window manager Marco introduces an option to open new windows in the center of the screen;
  • Additional features in the Control Center settings: in the parameter windows added options to include a composite mode window manager Marco and to activate quickly switch between windows Atl + Tab; using compiz or metacity ensured the selection of appropriate topics GSettings / GConf; involved proxy settings package gsettings-desktop-schemas; the list of applications by default possible to select a terminal emulator;
  • The program for viewing documents Atril added backend to work with the format XPS;
  • As a demon, coordinating notifies you added the option to specify the screen that should display a notification;
  • Added new themes, work with GTK2 and GTK3: Menta, BlackMATE, GreenLaguna, TraditionalGreen. For those old GTK2 added support GTK3 (TraditionalOk, TraditionalOkTest, ContrastHigh). Added a new set of icons Menta. Possible to preview the text on icons for text files. Added new icons;
  • In configuration management daemon added support D-Bus interface MPRIS2 (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification), designed for remote control media players. Added option to render the background images in the inactive file manager Caja. Provided automatically restart the daemon if it collapse.

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