Open SourceDevelopers declared a desktop environment of Hawaii achievement by the project of a condition of suitability to use.

Developers desktop environment Hawaii announced of a condition of suitability to use. According to the developers with the shell already can begin experimenting users.

Within the Hawaii project it is created new lightweight a desktop environment, Qt5 developed with use and the QtQuick 2 technologies, and based on Wayland protocol use. Initially, the project is developing its own, using the achievements Wayland, composite server Green Island, but eventually given the opportunity to work full-time, and on top of the composite server Weston. Additionally, the project developed: a file manager Swordfish, system configurator manager to work with files, terminal emulator, image viewer and manager EyeSight login.

The motive for the creation of a new desktop environment is dissatisfaction paths of development environments, such as Unity, GNOME Shell and KDE. As part of Hawaii will provide a combination of balanced approach to customize the behavior of the depth of the environment with lightweight and visually appealing environment. Hawaii shell positioned as adaptable to different form factor devices, but at the beginning of the environment only supports the traditional desktop systems with a keyboard and mouse.

Hawaii is required for the assembly of having fresh source Qt, Wayland and Weston of master-branch repositories. You also need to apply some patches to Wayland, Weston, QtBase and QtWayland. The patch associated with the elimination of defects and scheduled for adoption in upstream. Prior to the approval of patches in major projects to simplify the assembly set up on GitHub repositories, Wayland, Weston, QtBase and QtWayland, which incorporates all the patches needed to run Hawaii.

The proposed default build scripts are designed for installation in the shell directory / opt / hawaii. After installing the executable file to launch the shell will be placed as / opt / hawaii / libexec / hawaii-desktop-shell, a plug-in to be assembled as Weston / opt / hawaii / lib / weston / For Arch Linux script prepared for the rapid assembly of binary packages.

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