Linux FreedomAccording to the latest annual report, prepared jointly by the Linux Foundation and the research company Yeoman Technology Group, for 2011-2012, interest of large enterprises to deploy corporate Linux-based systems, as well as investments in the infrastructure of their work increased significantly.

The survey polled 1,300 largest companies in the world and organizations, including 355 enterprises whose annual income is at least $ 500 million, or whose regular number of employees exceeds 500.

Reportedly, only 2012 business increased its investment in Linux by 12.7%, while investment in Windows have increased by 3.2%, while in Unix decreased by 24.1%. Purchase new servers running Windows are planning in the next five years, only 20% of the companies surveyed, while the number of people willing to invest in the system based on Linux is estimated at 80%.

“There is a steady increase in the number of Linux deployments in the business sector, especially in the most important sectors of the economy,” – commented on the results of research vice president of marketing for Linux Foundation Amanda McPherson.

As for enterprises that Linux-system are essential, then, as it turned out, to use Linux to work with cloud computing plan, 74% of them, at the same time, 76% in the past year increased the number of operating under the Linux servers and workstations. 75% of organizations reported that over the past two years, they have resorted to using Linux to deploy new applications, services and network infrastructure, while 73% Linux-users said they use an open operating system for mission-critical applications. Compared with the previous study, it increased by 10%.

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