Open SourceHas been released compiler for the language Python – Nuitka 0.4.2, allows you to broadcast a Python script to a view on the C + +, which can be compiled into an executable file that uses libpython to ensure maximum compatibility with CPython (CPython used standard tools to control objects).

To compile a library and executive files, including recursive.

In the current form, the draft already provides a significant performance improvement of the final executable than CPython (advance by 258% in the test pystone).

However, work on the implementation of a more significant optimizations that allow transfer performance to a new level.

In particular, it has implemented the initial deployment of the system constants and planned involvement of static code analysis for the inclusion of information on the types of variables when translating to code in C + +, which will use native data types without having to libpython.

To convert types that do not have to guess during the automated analysis, the developer will have the ability to manually define a module with tips about the used types. Also plans to implement an interface to interact with the code in C, through your written in C ctypes-bindings.

In the current release a fully supported language Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, and basic syntax version 3.3. Compiles by translating the code in C + + and the subsequent transfer of C + + compiler, such as g+ +, MinGW g+ +, clang. Supported operating systems Linux, MacOS X, Windows (32bit), FreeBSD, and hardware platforms x86, x86_64 and arm. Release 0.4.2 adds support for remarkable Python 3.3 and FreeBSD, as well as a large portion of new optimizations and bug fixes.

Installing the compiler can be meet the following via pip:

sudo pip install nuitka

Compiling can be done via:

nuitka-python – recurse-all

or simply:

nuitka – exe


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