Autodesk Maya 2014Autodesk has introduced a new release of its powerful set of tools for 3D-modeling, animation and rendering, called Maya 2014.

This new release includes the most advanced display technology, the means of accelerated simulation, new mechanisms to deal with complex data sets, as well as various support tools for a fashion designer.

New panel Modeling Toolkit provides users streamlined environment that offers designers access to innovative tools for selecting, transforming elements and editing mesh surface. All of these tools are collected in a single panel for more efficient operation.

Topological Symmetry of a series of tools to help designers to work with a grid of points in the figures of living characters. Here you can find the tool “quad” drawing, which helps change the topology once on all the limbs of the character; “multiblade” knife for splitting and trimming surfaces, as well as tools to cut the closed lines in one operation. New polygon reduction algorithm offers a fast and efficient method to reduce the complexity of the surfaces by removing unneeded verticals without sacrificing the basic shape of the object.

Maya 2014 New Features: Advanced Modeling Workflow

Tools to build scenes, built on the Open Data, offering ready mechanism to display workforce Maya as discrete elements. Each of these elements separately itself provides full support for different views. Designer can easily switch between different views. The use of animation and request edits can be made at any level of the hierarchy of the scene, and all changes can be tracked using an improved system Edits (“Revisions”), ensuring effective cooperation in large groups for the production of audio-visual production. Flexible programming interface API helps large studios to make their own improvements to the tools, creating a full-scale corporate solutions.

Maya 2014 New Features: Node Editor

Among other improvements the developers say the updated animation production process, a number of important changes in the technology review scenes Viewport 2.0 knots and editor, as well as an extended comparison of the clips in the timeline Trax. It should further be noted the new editor of paths, support for identifiers in the format of URI, management alignment and symmetry of the joints, as well as technology support PySide, which provides a Python binding to the software platform Qt. Finally, in the Maya 2014 release fixes some annoying defects that were in previous versions of the product for many years.

Maya 2014 New Features: Scene Assembly Tools

For an introduction to Maya 2014 package is available the official demo. Full-featured version of the famous 3D-modeler needs to run Windows 7 or Windows 8 Pro, Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 WS. Of equipment requires a 64-bit multi-core Intel or AMD, at least 4 GB of RAM and at least 2 GB of free hard disk space for installation. Maya 2014 license per user in North America is U.S. $ 3495.

Maya 2014 New Features Summary:

  • 3D-modeling – Accelerated modeling workflow, rich potentials 3D-modeling, including NURBS,  Subdivision Surfaces and an expanded set of tools for working with polygons.
  • 3D-animation – Grease Pencil, Joint centering and symmetry, a wide range of special funds for key frame animation, as well as procedural and programmed animation.
  • Dynamics and effects – the innovative features of the dynamic simulation.
  • 3D-rendering and image processing – Paint Effects surface and volume attributes, Enhanced Node Editor, advanced tools for 3D-rendering and image processing.
  • The integration of business processes – Increased performance with your own scripts, add-ons and customized features of the program.
  • Integration of 2D and 3D – can work effectively with industry-leading software 2D-drawing and creating vector graphics.
  • Pipeline integration – Enhanced file path handling, Scene Assembly tools for smarter data.

Maya 2014 New Features: Joint Tool

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