Sysinternals SuiteDevelopers from Sysinternals announced updated versions of applications Autoruns and Process Monitor, and presented to the user a new command line tool called Registry Usage.

The most notable changes were the application Autoruns. This useful tool provides the user with detailed information about the applications that run automatically at startup. All reports generated by the program Autoruns 11.5, now contain a time stamp, which will determine the exact date and time of last modification of the executable file, folder or registry key.

Updated application Process Monitor 3.04, allows the owner to track the activity of computer file system, registry, processes and threads, boasts enhanced support for Windows 8. In particular, the utility provides the correct processing of requests for the new operating system-specific information about files. The developers also report on the Elimination of the discovery of “bug” that is associated with the processing of hints.

Finally, with the new utility Registry Usage users can find out the size and value of the registry key, as well as information on the number of sub-keys. Go to the folder with the executable (RU.exe), open up a command prompt and run the application, indicating the desired path (for example, supported the team format ru hkey_current_user or ru hkcu). Before your eyes will report indicating the number of values ​​and keys are located on the specified path, and their size in bytes.

The collected data can be exported to a separate CSV file for further in-depth study and analysis. If you run Registry Usage double click from Windows Explorer, the display will show a window with information about the available options.

All of these tools can be downloaded for free from the developer: