Parental Control SoftwareAlthough the internet is a great source of education for children, it is the basic responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not misuse it.

It is not uncommon for minors to get carried away with unwanted things, which could easily land them up into trouble.

If the kids are at home, their parents will be able to keep an eye on them while they use the internet. Alternatively, they could also use keylogger software tools to filter and monitor online activities..

Things have changed quite dramatically in the last 4 to 5 years. With the introduction of new age smartphones and tablet PCs, children are able to access internet wirelessly. What it means is that they can do just about anything on the net, without their parents getting to learn about them.

Fortunately for the parents, many developers have come up with smartphone monitoring tools like the PhoneSheriff. However, they will need to make sure that they install such applications before they hand over a new smartphone to their precious ones.

Let is now check out some of the features of parental control software applications that are designed for smartphones. Firstly, parents will be able to monitor their children from homes. All they will need to do is to login to the software provider website, and access their account. Secondly, the presence of the application on their smartphones will act as a deterrent to their kids, which will prevent them from indulging in something that they shouldn’t be.

Parents will also be able to block the applications that are installed on the smartphones. For example, if you don’t want your child to play pre-installed games and waste time during exams, you could do so easily, without even having to access the smartphone.

Parental monitoring software applications also come with a lot of features for filtering the internet usage on smartphones. You could easily disable browsers, and block any web address that you don’t want your child to visit.

These spying software applications come with various feature like blocking incoming or outgoing calls and SMS messages. You could also restrict the time for usage of the phone by disabling the functions. Additionally, you could specify the time period when you don’t want a child to make a call or send a SMS. Although the device will be with your children, you will have complete control over it. You could even track their locations anytime with GPS System.

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