MuLab 5.0Developers from MuTools released a new version of the product MuLab 5.0.

This cross-platform music studio combines exceptional ease of use with a wide array of features and will appeal to both novice and professional musicians, composers and sound designers.

Attention users provide everything you need for creating, recording, editing and playback of multi-track audio and MIDI-files. User-friendly interface allows you to quickly MuLab imported into ready developments with PC’s hard drive. Just drag and drop features of interest from the Explorer window with the mouse cursor and start editing them.

Users will appreciate the universal mixer and full support for VST-effects, and an impressive collection of musical instruments. The package also includes a variety of additional components, such as a powerful equalizer, a single player for playback of audio, built-in drum machine and synthesizer.

The modular architecture of MuLabs you the ability to make a list of necessary tools and organize your workspace according to your personal goals and preferences. Special mention deserves support multiple monitor systems, and support for multi-core processors, through which owners of powerful modern computers will be able to note the increased performance-intensive operations.

We should also focus on the limitations of free version. MuLab Free can be used to work on small projects, and allows you to create and edit audio recordings, consisting of four tracks. Users also have to put up with a limited list of available effects and instruments. If these restrictions appear to be critical for you, you can purchase the full version directly from the application interface.

Assess the functionality of the proposed product will be the owners of computers based on Windows and OS X. Latest version MuLab 5.0 is available for download on the manufacturer’s website –