Google ChromeGoogle Chrome browser is very popular today, and every day it is used by a growing number of Internet users.

Still, after the first word in the title of «Google», and it has become a kind of quality mark! Google Chrome is not for nothing has earned the trust of millions of users around the world. This is a very fast browser that combines cutting-edge web technology and usability. On the rising popularity of chrome is not inferior to anyone and soon, if not already, will be the most popular browser.

But nothing is perfect, and Google Chrome is no exception. No matter how fast a popular internet browser Google Chrome, one day you will notice that the chrome brake. Let us consider a few simple ways to sort out what to do if the chrome brakes, and how to fix the problem.

The simplest solution is obvious. Just try to update from the official site Google Chrome. It is useful to first remove the previous installation of chrome and put it again. If you used one of the assemblies chromium, which can be downloaded from the internet, try to remove the entire assembly entirely and establish a “clean” Google Chrome, and the necessary extensions to install manually. If chrome still brakes continue to read more.

No need to blame the browser often blame extensions that you have set, or they are set “by accident” in automatic mode with your consent. We go to the tab “Extensions” settings chrome and try alternately disable installed extensions, uncheck the box.

After each trip extensions restart your browser and check whether the problem is. If there is expansion, the culprit, but as luck would have it you really need it, try to keep it, but swap out other extensions. Just some extensions may conflict with each other.
Clean history and cache

Google Chrome, as well as other browsers, is the story of our stay in the network. One of the troubles overflow stories could slow the address bar. It is when we try to enter the address of a site, but the input is delayed. Sometimes it’s even annoying. However, to score as the base address must be active online lives at least a few months. If you have not cleaned your browser history specifically, the chrome has amassed a considerable database in a single file for each site on which you ever came into this browser. Unfortunately, you can not initially limit the number of records in the database, but fortunately there is a simple extension for chrome. To install it go to the link History Limiter button and click “Install”. Then go to the settings tab in Chrome “Extensions”, go to the settings plug History Limiter, and set the number of days to keep history of addresses.

The idea is that this function should be built into the browser, but alas. Perhaps in future versions it will be, and what they put the extension and forget about it.

You can delete the history of the address by going into the settings of chrome, click the “More” button “Clear History” (or shortcut keys «Ctrl + Shift + Del»). To delete address history leaving only a tick “Clear browsing history” button “Clear History.”

In some cases, chrome brake or incorrectly displays the page in case of problems with the internal cache. In this case it helps clear the cache of stored pages. To do this, in the same window where the net address history tick left “Clear Cache” and click “Clear History.” If all else fails then you can clean the cookies and everything else. To do this, we put all the checkboxes and click “Clear History.”

More radically to get rid of old information will useful program CCleaner. Download the CCleaner, install it, run, and on the tab “Applications” are checked on chrome, click “Clear”.

Still, as an option, you can remove Google Chrome from the system.