Open SourceBrian Behlendorf, who gained fame as the creator of http-server Apache, introduced the release of the module for the Linux kernel with support for ZFS – ZFSonLinux 0.6.1.

Despite the unsightly version number, release 0.6.1 incorporates the results of the testing and development over the past two years and marked the stabilization of the code base. ZFSonLinux 0.6.1 officially presented as the first release of the project, suitable for large-scale deployment in a wide range of equipment, from desktop users to supercomputers. The project is developed with the participation of employees of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

To simplify installation packages prepared for most distributions of Linux, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL / CentOS. In addition, the module ZFSonLinux already part of the Gentoo distribution and Sabayon Linux. Implemented in version ZFSonLinux pool and file system is compatible with ZFS from the Illumos, FreeBSD 9.1 and 8.3. Achievements of the project are based on the original code of ZFS, imported from OpenSolaris project and extended improvements and corrections from the community Illumos.

Within ZFSonLinux prepared stable and full-featured implementation of component support ZFS, as related to the work of the file system, the operation of the same volume manager. In particular, the implemented components:

– SPA (Storage Pool Allocator);

– DMU (Data Management Unit);

– ZVOL (ZFS Emulated Volume);

– ZPL (ZFS POSIX Layer).

The project will provide an additional opportunity to use ZFS as a backend for a cluster file system Lustre. ZFS support will appear in the next issue of Lustre, which will remove many of the restrictions on the basis of full-time backend FS ext3/ext4, for example, limit the size of PS 8 TB and lack of funds to guarantee the integrity of the stored data.

Code is distributed under a free license CDDL, which is incompatible with GPLv2, which does not allow to achieve integration ZFSonLinux into the mainline kernel Linux, since the mixing of code licensed under the CDDL and GPLv2 unacceptable. To work around this license incompatibility, it was decided to distribute entire product is licensed under the CDDL as a separate module to be loaded, which is supplied separately from the core.

In addition to the general stabilization of the code base, version ZFSonLinux 0.6.1 remarkable properties of implementation support “snapdev”, allows you to control the visibility of device snapshots at set values ​​’visible’ or ‘hidden’. The default value is ‘hidden’ in which the snapshots associated with the device are created in the directory / dev /. In addition, the new release features compatibility with the mainline kernel Linux 3.9, by default the option “zfs_arc_memory_throttle_disable”, improved code reset disk caches, added man-pages for the commands splat, fsck.zfs, mount.zfs, zhack, zinject, zpios , ztest and zpool-features.

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