DisplAirRussian company Displair announced the launch of world sales of the first production models of air display with the multi-touch. Russians plan to implement its product to $ 30 million by the end of 2013.

On first Russia’s presentations serial model of interactive air display Displair software company announced the launch of pre-sales and the international market. The base price for one unit is $ 13,254. The product is designed for the corporate sector.

“Until the end of 2013, we plan to sell the products and software for them for more than $ 30 million, we will do this through a network of distributors and agents around the world,” – says CEO Maxim Kamanin.

Now the company has more than five hundred requests for purchase from the U.S., UAE, UK, Brazil, Argentina, China, India and other countries that now, after the start of sales, the company officially takes in pre-orders. The first distributor of air displays and software for them was the company Flexis, which will sell aircraft displays in the advertising market in the U.S.. Before going to the market at a Displair stage in six months, when experts “ran in” technology and collected opinions, surrendering to the interested companies to rent semi samples.

“During this time our clients are companies Microsoft Russia, Intel Russia, Google, BMW, Audi, KIA, Aeroflot and others. Rent was for us not only in the way of monetization, but also an opportunity to get feedback from major customers” – said the director of marketing and sales Displair Andrei Melnikov.

Innovative technologies Displair in a fundamentally new way of image output, which allows for multitouch-content management. Screen Displair – is protected from the wind flow of air with tiny particles of water. Properties of water particles and special aerodynamics allow you to save the integrity and stability of the image, even if it put foreign objects (fingers, objects, etc.). Displair displays the image directly into the air, it is physically permeable and interactively. This allows you to manage your content with their fingers, including, as it not only fingers, but the whole of the hand that draws the control system to the natural movements of the person.

Serial Displair – a candy bar, which combines a projector, an optical sensor system for content management and device for converting water. In 2014, the company plans to expand the range and run a specialized soft-service for developers. The projected amount of revenue at this time should be worth $ 60 million.

DisplAir The new technology

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