results serializationIt is no secret that the performance of web applications is highly dependent on the chosen framework.

But many are surprised at how much of a difference. If you’re using Django, Ruby on Rails and similar frameworks, the application will be about 40 times slower than selecting a faster framework. And if you choose Cake PHP, the difference increases by order.

Experts from the company TechEmpower conducted comparative testing frameworks, micro-frameworks and platforms for web development, configuring their best, but without the use of caching, placing the application on Amazon EC2 (Core i7, Ubuntu 12.04) and run a program for stress tests WeigHTTP. Then repeated the tests on a dedicated server.

The entire testing procedure describing the configuration of each framework published on Github. If you have comments and you notice an error in the configuration – reported results are corrected.

The tests:

– Serialization JSON;
– Serialization JSON on a dedicated server;
– Access to the database (RPS);
– Access to the database on a dedicated server;
– Access to the database, the query 1-20;
– Access to the database, at 1-20 queries on a dedicated server;
– For example, here are the results for JSON serialization in an instance on EC2.

results serialization

Other tests can be found on the page with the results.

P.S. Perhaps comparative tested ventured to promote obscure framework Gemini production TechEmpower. However, this does not affect the objectivity of the results, especially since the tests carried out transparently and are repeatable.

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