iOS vulnerabilitiesAccording to research company SourceFire, which specializes in IT-security, today in iOS has the largest number of vulnerabilities.

Experts attribute this to the closed nature of mobile platforms Apple, as well as its growing popularity, says ZDNet.

Windows Phone has little of interest to hackers due to a small market share, Android is an open OS, so to “break her interested.”

In addition, due to the openness of the Google OS attackers will not have any difficulties in creating malicious software that careless users install themselves.

Despite frequent reports of the spread of viruses and other malicious programs to Android, it was found that the number of vulnerabilities found in iOS, is several times the number of other mobile operating systems combined.

Experts have found in iOS 210 vulnerabilities, which is 81% of the total number of vulnerabilities of mobile platforms, the same time in Android identified 24 vulnerabilities in Windows (here means all mobile Windows) – 14 and 11 in the BlackBerry.

Despite the fact that the corporation Apple continues to develop and release updates of their software, the number of vulnerabilities in iOS each year continues to increase. According to experts SourceFire, this can be explained by the fact that cybercriminals can not place their malicious design online store App Store because of its high level of security, so they are looking for loopholes in the firmware itself.


210 vulnerabilities were found in Apple’s smartphone


iOS vulnerabilities in Google:

According to a study from SourceFire, the vast majority of all mobile … The firm found 210 vulnerabilities in the iPhone, giving iOS an 81% share …

More software vulnerabilities exist in iOS compared to the other operating systems, and a SourceFire executive said this is due to the iPhone’s …

Sourcefire published a report of a survey on smartphones vulnerability comparison. Strangely iOS is found to be more vulnerable compare to other smartphones.