Mozilla ASM.jsMozilla in partnership with Epic Games completed porting the game engine Unreal Engine 3 to run in the browser as a web-application.

As previously reported ports Unigine engine and 3D game engine to BananaBread Sauerbraten, Unreal work in the browser is based on the use of compiler Emscripten, converting code projects in C / C + + in the representation of JavaScript. To display the 3D-enabled graphics WebGL.

It is noted that the changes in the JavaScript-engine optimization performed by the project Asm.js, allowed to raise the productivity of workers in the browser games to a level suitable for comfortable working with them. Recently, Mozilla organization is actively promoting the use of Web as a platform for the development of modern high-performance 3D-games, enables to play with performance close to native applications, without requiring the installation of additional plug-ins.

It is expected that in the near future the number ported to run in the browser of popular games will grow. Delivery of games over the Web to simplify their delivery to customers and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary link in the chain of distribution of games. The use of web-technologies also extends the range of supported platforms for mobile devices. Currently, work is under way on the operation of the technologies to optimize performance in high-end products from vendors such games as Disney, EA and ZeptoLab.

At the same time introduced a new technology for interaction of users in multiplayer games, working in the web-browser. The technology is based on the use of the protocol WebRTC and allows players to interact in the form of P2P-networks, without the involvement of the individual game servers. To demonstrate the capabilities of the new system produced a special version of the multiplayer game BananaBread, operating on the basis of 3D-engine Sauerbraten.

Support funds for organizing P2P-multiplayer games, is now available in the nightly builds of Firefox and will soon appear in assemblies Chrome Canary. In addition to multiplayer games above technology can be used in other applications, which may require direct communication between the client browser. Supports two types of data transfers, reminiscent in its goals TCP and UDP: guaranteed message delivery while maintaining the order of the data blocks and non-guaranteed delivery. For applications compiled to JavaScript with Emscripten presented layer to simplify the porting of code based on the POSIX API network sockets to use P2P-mechanisms WebRTC.