WebsenseThe majority of users who use not updated Java versions, being endangered operation of vulnerabilities.

Websense company submitted a report according to which 93% of non-recent versions of browsers use Java, vulnerable to a set of exploits Cool.

The researchers note that the report is based on data collected from the analysis of millions of the company’s solutions Advanced Classification Engine (ACE).

According to the company, only 5% of the users web-browser using the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment with security fixes.

Moreover, experts estimate that nearly 79% of users have not switched to Java 7, which means that their systems are still vulnerable.

“Most browsers are vulnerable to a lot of flaws in Java, including those vulnerabilities that were discovered almost two years ago,” – said Charles Renert vice-president of Websense Security Labs.

According to the researchers, a set of exploits Cool exploit vulnerabilities in Java 7 update 15 to 93% of browsers, as well as 84% ​​and 74% of browsers using Java 7 update 11 and Java 7 update 7, respectively.


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