Mobile Spy ReviewIf you thought that spying programs are available only for computers, you were wrong! Mobile Spy by Retina-X studios is considered one of the most advanced and most popular mobile phone spy software available at the moment.

Product Overview

Discrete, efficient and highly affordable, Mobile Spy has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world find out the truth about the husbands, lovers, co-workers, bosses or employees.

This remote phone spy has to be installed to the mobile device of the person in cause, and it has a series of features and functions that will be detailed in this article.

The Key Advantages Of Mobile Spy

The convenient price/quality relationship is certainly one of the most important advantages of the product – after all, the truth is priceless! Despite the fact that it may not be the cheapest product available on the market, it has a reasonable price of $39,00 for three months (Mobile Spy 25% Discount). Mobile Spy offers great value for the money, given the fact that it is a superior phone spy that can deliver top-notch results quickly and efficiently.

In addition to this, the spy is not only very easy to install and use, but it is undetectable as well (unlike other mobile spies that can be easily found and remove). Mobile Spy is reliable, efficient and safe to use, and it has been improved with several new features that allow you to spy on your children, employees or your spouse without missing a thing.

Main Features

The spy has a wealth of features and functions that come in handy when you want to find out more about a certain person, and here are the most important ones:


1. Full Control Over The Call And SMS History

It allows you to carefully monitor the call history and the SMS history of the person in question: you can see every single phone call made or received by a phone, including the length of the call and time of call. Moreover, you can read every single text message received and sent, and get precise information about the phone numbers text messages were sent to;

Mobile Spy SMS History

2. Full Control Over Internet Activity

Mobile Spy also gives you full control over the Internet activity of the mobile phone user: you can view all the accessed websites and the time they were accessed, as well as the Youtube videos watched on the phone;

3. Check Social Network Activity

If the mobile phone user has accounts on social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook, you can monitor his or her activity as well, you can read e-mails and have full control over the applications installed on the phone, including the well-known Whatsapp;

4. Remote Control Feature

Last, but not least, you can remotely control the mobile device: for instance, you can lock or unlock it any time you want, quickly and without the hassles!