Gmail LogoDespite the widespread monitoring of electronic communications, the FBI is still experiencing some problems with the surveillance of users of some services.

In particular, it is not possible to provide “real-time monitoring” Gmail, Google Voice and Dropbox. This was told by the FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann in a speech at the Conference American Bar Association.

FBI hopes that in the near future that will change. Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. has put a top priority for this year, “empowerment for tapping all forms of Internet communications and cloud storage.”

Law on wiretapping from 1994 under the name Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) gives the FBI very broad powers to intercept communications in the search operations.

The problem is that the law should be applied to the well-emerged as Internet services. In other words, you need to make minor changes to it. Now CALEA requires telephone companies and Internet service providers to install equipment in their networks to listen for users.

You just need to add to the list of these companies and postal service providers and all Internet services. If you use a general statement, it will fall under the amended law, and web hosting services, and VoIP, and other services, which are now so far outside the legal field.

Andrew Weissman said the FBI wants to get permission for real-time monitoring of online services, from Dropbox to game chat (as an example, he cited the game chat Scrabble). “These communication channels are used to communicate criminals” – said Weissman.

FBI Real-Time Gmail Spying in Google:

Despite the pervasiveness of law enforcement surveillance of digital communication, the FBI still has a difficult time monitoring Gmail, Google …

While carriers already now give real-time access to all network data, the FBI says that real-time wiretapping of Gmail is their top priority in 2013.

Salon writes, The FBI is seeking to expand its spying powers when it comes to realtime communications. According to Ryan Gallagher at slate …

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