Open SourcePresented release a console window manager tmux (“terminal multiplexer”), developed as part of the OpenBSD project to create a BSD license change GNU Screen.

Tmux tabbed interface allows you to organize in the console, through multiplexing a single physical terminal into multiple virtual terminals.

Of the changes you can note the appearance of keyboard shortcuts to move around half a page in copy mode, support for working with neotsoedinennymi sessions, support for inserting the buffer via the middle mouse button click, the team implemented copy-pipe to transfer the selected area to the external program, new formats (client_session, client_last_session) and options.

The main differences tmux from GNU Screen:

– Source code distributed under license BSD. More modern and simplified code base (code screen 20 years);
– You can connect your extensions from third-party developers;
– Clearly formalized client-server model, where the windows act as independent objects that can be compared and distributed among the different sessions. Herewith a one-stop destination among multiple clients and transfer windows from one client to another;
– A mechanism automate common actions, through the connection of external scripts;
– Full control interface from the command line, you can control all operations of tmux scripts;
– The presence of several independent clipboards;
– Support options for limiting the size of the window. More flexibility to partition of the windows (support vertical separation);
– Clearer syntax to render content of the status bar. The ability to display in the status line of the first line output of a command;
– More efficient use of memory;
– Better support for UTF-8.