Radeon Sky graphics chipsAdvanced Micro Devices today presented its new graphics card high-end level and having the best performance in the series AMD Radeon.

As said in AMD, new Radeon 7990 graphics chips have dual GPU thus show an increase in performance while maintaining the physical size of chips.

General manager of AMD Graphics Business Unit said that the Radeon HD 7990 – is the first decisions of the company, which on one physical chip actually has two graphics processors, which have not previously practiced. Externally, the new GPU is a full-size double-slot architecture-based solutions Malta. More about Malta, AMD told at the last exhibition CeBIT 2013 in Germany.

In the market of Radeon HD 7900 Series to compete with the previously shown GPU Nvidia Titan. Both types of GPU should appear in retail by the end of the first half of 2013.

At the same time AMD also revealed new graphics system Radeon Sky, which should appear in the servers and do the calculations specific to the data center. Radeon Sky Maps are for servers and have passive cooling system (te no fans). The objective of these decisions – cheat game data, which are transmitted in a streaming multiple client devices such as PCs, tablets, and TV decoders. The new chips are implemented some of the principles meant to work in the cloud systems, such as joint transactions and multi-threaded calculation of heterogeneous data streams.

Today, the company announced three different chip Radeon Sky:

– Radeon Sky 900, combines two GPU (to 1792 stream processors and 3 GB of memory in each);

– Radeon Sky 700 with 1792 stream processors and 6 GB of memory;

– Radeon Sky 500, which will get 1280 stream processors and 4 GB of memory.

AMD Radeon Sky

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