QuicksilverFinal stable version of the Popular Mac-utility Quicksilver 1.0

The developers of the popular Mac-users utility QuickSilver on Monday reported that the final stable version of the product.

Note that QuickSilver first appeared in 2003, and ever since – for more than 10 years – the program was in various stages of pre-release, having to form around a fairly large community of users.

Now the developers say that the way the first stable version of QuickSilver 1.0.0 – this is not simply a transition formal transition, and a sign of “significant maturation of the program and a symbol of its readiness for everyday use by all Mac-users.” The first stable version of the utility supports OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

The first stable version of Quicksilver supports the same basic functionality as before – it allows you to quickly launch programs, open files you want the touch of a key or keys gestures, and also supports additional plug-ins, allowing you to quickly manage the most popular applications – Apple Mail, Google Chrome, Safari, iTunes and others. In reality, the program needs some getting used to, but when addiction occurs, Quicksilver saves a lot of time when working with the Mac OS.

To accompany the release of the program, the developers behind the program, said they would like to attract independent programmers to Quicksilver and make its development platform for the rapid management of not only the operating system itself, but also all the applications in it. Patrick Robertson, a leading developer of Quicksilver, said that the power of the program lies precisely in its ability to work with plug-ins, which can not be home automation Mac OS X.

The product can be downloaded from the developer’s site – http://qsapp.com/download.php