Summly17-year-old Nick D’Aloisio, a young computer programmer from the area Wimbledon in south London (UK), become the youngest high-tech millionaire.

Wealth had fallen on the heads of young Britons, when he sold his app Summly to U.S. Internet giant, the company Yahoo!, for nearly $ 30 million.

Summly are the “constrictor news”, which is a short digest of a standard sample on the basis of a set of diverse news sources. In fact, service Summly compresses any news to three paragraphs.

According to the results of the transaction closes D’Aloisio original service and transfers the development in mobile products Yahoo!. Nick himself goes to a permanent job at Yahoo!, continuing his studies to obtain a certificate of secondary education. D’Aloisio also reported that representatives of Yahoo! contacted him a few months ago, offering incredible prospects in the mobile sector.

Since the launch of the application Summly been downloaded more than a million times. Received for its technology almost $ 30 million, the author is now going to invest the money and buy a bag with a strap over his shoulder. Due to the young age of all expenses Nick runs under control of parents.

A key feature of the Summly technology is to reduce news stories to three key paragraphs that just fit on the unit’s display iPhone. Users can customize the categories of news and other links to the original news uncompressed. The first prototype of the service immediately attracted the attention of investors – in November 2011, the company Horizons Ventures (Private Foundation Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Xin) Put $ 300 million in a venture capital financing. These and other injections helped Nick develop his service with the participation of experts from the London-based company and the Stanford Research Institute. Mom’s, a practicing lawyer, was the director and co-owner of Summly.

After absorption Summly the author goes to work in the London office of Yahoo, and the other two staff members Summly decided to move to San Francisco (California, USA), where he will work on Yahoo.

As tells Nick D’Aloisio, he learned to programming in 12 years. Nick describes himself as a native web that is born when the Internet existed and does not know a world without the Internet. Nick also said – “he was tired of a huge amount of search results on the Internet, so I decided to create an algorithm for cutting the text, and then brought the idea of ​​this algorithm to compress the news”. Apparently, in the near future we are waiting for the same service on the “refuse” of news, but this time on an international level, which swings company Yahoo.