Sweet Home 3DETeks company introduced another major update of its flagship product – a package for Sweet Home 3D interior design and modeling, and visualization environment indoors.

Package of Sweet Home 3D 4.0 helps users from around the world to visualize how it will look after the apartment or home repair, reconstruction or rearrangement.

During the preparation of the release of version 4.0 the developers managed to make a lot of changes, including changing the default execution environment for local installation with Java (now uses version JRE 6u43).

One of the major innovations in version 4.0 is the ability to move objects on the plane horizontally and vertically while pressing Shift. With this move you can move an entire group of objects while maintaining their position relative to each other. Also changed the key to toggle the attraction: now with Windows key is used, Alt, in the environment of Mac OS X – key CMD, and Linux – Shift + Alt.

In the edit panel furniture is now a special item “Materials”. Opens a dialog for editing the various materials used in the selected item of furniture, including color and texture. Color selection dialog now allows you to work with commercial and open palette of RAL palette Creative Commons. Choose the color you want by using the tool “dropper” or the list of recently selected colors.

In the edit panel rooms added tools to change the color and textures on the walls, restricting the selected room. To change the pattern on the walls of the team added Pattern in the mode of the plan and the team Top color in 3D-view. These commands allow you to change the color and pattern on top of the color pattern applied over painted walls in the main 3D-view.

In the dialog customization formerly Wall pattern is replaced by the item New walls pattern – The pattern is the default for all new terms on the walls.

Sweet Home 3D

These and other updates version Sweet Home 3D 4.0 can be found in the official release notes at http://www.sweethome3d.com/history.jsp .