CalligraRelease of free office suite Calligra 2.6, marked a shift in the development cycle is synchronized with the KDE release engineering.

This is the third stable release from the development branch of the KOffice project in December 2010. The base uses a format Open Document (ODF). Ready binaries produced for Arch Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows. If such components of the package, as presentation editor, word processor and spreadsheet are focused on students and academic users, the tools to work with graphics, such as the Krita, marked as ready for professional use.

In contrast to the internal architecture of the KOffice Calligra divided into basic internal and external subsystems custom shell that allows you to create a mobile basis as a lightweight version, and full-featured versions of the office suite for the desktop. In particular, besides the version for desktop-based package developed Calligra Calligra Active, optimized for use in Plasma Active on tablets with touch screens. Another difference from KOffice is a new user interface with support for floating toolbar that can be moved anywhere on the screen. For all applications, office suite, a single system of embedded objects, for example, the document can be embedded objects such as geometric forms and notes.

The main innovations Calligra 2.6:

– The structure of the office suite introduces a new application Author, designed for processing e-books. Supports all stages of the workflow of the writer, from the construction of the concept of a future book and track structure of scenes and characters, to review, correct and final publication. In addition, the available tools for integration of multimedia content in the book, animation and embedding web-pages, including interactive code to JavaScript. The aim of the project is to provide a tool for writers such as Krita provides for artists. The first issue Author implements only the basic concepts, largely repeating the Words and differing mainly advanced accounting tools of Statistics (number of words, etc.);

– In your word processor Words improved positioning of elements on the canvas, polishing held dialogues and toolbars. Improved proofing tools. Added support for exporting to formats eBook;

– In the spreadsheet application has a new optimizer functions (Solver). For broadcast use all standard scripts;

– The program for the preparation of presentations (Stage) use a new framework to work with animation that allows the integration in the presentation of various animation effects;

– The program to create diagrams (Flow) enhanced the binding of the elements;

– In the Project Manager Plan updated implementation of the construction timetable for implementation, improved performance, enhanced tools for creating new projects, worked to improve the user experience of the report generator;

– In Kexi, the program to work with the database, support for additional storage, improved tools import and export data in the format of CSV, improved table view mode, support for replacing the object with the same name;

– In the program for drawing Krita adds support implementation color conversions and color management using the package OpenColorIO, opening the door for the use of the program in the industry. The optimization of the performance of various components of Krita, including the library and the new slider vc editor presets. Improved tools for drawing HDR-images and Krita integration in the process of creating graphical effects (GFX). Provided support for the latest versions of OpenRaster;

– Support for exporting documents into a format EPUB2. Version 2.6.1 will support the format MOBI. Improved support for file formats MS Office, especially formats based on XML, used in MS Office 2007 and later editions;

– Continued to increase code sharing various components Calligra. Added unified support for loading and saving of 3D-shapes and annotations. Improved rendering of mathematical formulas. Improved quality formatting charts now allows the font for headings and labels.

In addition to the abovementioned new application Author, of the Calligra Office Suite includes the following core applications:

– Calligra Words – word processor (formerly KWord). Supports opening and saving documents in ODF format and MS Word (. Doc,. Docx). You can integrate images, tables, and charts in documents, drag and drop objects from other applications Calligra via drag &drop;

– Calligra Sheets – spreadsheet (previously KSpread), focused on various computing and business calculations. Supports the use of templates, integration of charts and graphs, the ability insert formulas. In the presence of a large collection of mathematical and statistical functions;

– Calligra Stages – a system for preparing presentations (formerly KPresenter). Supports the use of the presentations of text, images, graphics, and other content backed applications Calligra. Support for new effects, content types and processing methods of presentations can be implemented through plug-ins;

– Kexi – a visual environment for managing data (similar to MS Access, FileMaker and Oracle Forms), allows you to quickly create forms of input, processing and editing, build queries and generate reports;

– Calligra Plan – Project Management System (formerly KPlato), allows you to coordinate tasks and manage the allocation of resources;

– Krita – Raster graphics editor that supports multilayer image processing, and a good set of tools for digital painting, creating sketches and texture formation. Supports a wide range of graphics tablets for drawing by hand;

– Karbon – vector graphics editor, featuring flexible customization capabilities, and extensive functionality through plugins. Editor for creating logos, illustrations, photorealistic vector images;

– Brainstorm – a system of taking notes, visualizing ideas and structuring content. For storing information using the format openDocument, that allows you to include notes not only text, but also images and multimedia inserts;

– Calligra Flow – diagram editor, block diagrams and network maps, reminiscent in its purpose proprietary package Visio.


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