Diablo 3This weekend in Boston hosted the annual exhibition of PAX East, where the company Blizzard revealed two new projects:

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Trading Card Game based on the universe of World of Warcraft, and the console version of Diablo 3.

At this point, the game Diablo 3 was announced only on PS3 and PS4, although the developers claim that the project is likely to appear on other platforms.

Chief designer of the project, Josh Moskuier said:

“We are not ready to announce anything officially, but the game is not necessarily exclusive to Sony. We decided that we need to implement the ability to play offline. We thought that was a very important moment “

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment has also confirmed the absence of an auction with real money in the console Diablo 3, which raises questions about the imminent appearance of the shop from the developers of the game.

Diablo 3 free download for PC right now, although it is only a demo version, which is available in the character development to level 20 and 1st act of the story line. Also we would like to show you a new video Diablo 3, tells the story of the entire series from the beginning.