Battlefield 4For Electronic Arts on March 26 will be a very important date, as this the day goes Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel and the exhibition will be an official presentation of the GDC Battlefield 4, rumors of which had long walk on the network.

And to whet the interest of players, EA has released two short teaser.

Although it seems incredible, but it seems that the developers have got bored with the battle on the ground and in the air, the different interpretations we’ve seen throughout the series Battlefield.

The next stage in the development of the game will be the DICE Battlefield 4, which will be sea battles!

The company understands that the growth of anticipation and expectation output Battlefield 4 directly proportional profits they bring. So some months are “accidental” leaks, including truthful.

In addition, the DICE promise that Frostbite 2 will be updated and much improved, and it will support HD textures. Naturally the first to be able to download the game Battlefield 4 will be those who pre-order on Medal of Honor: Warfighter and gained access to the multiplayer beta, which will start this fall.

Exit Battlefield 4 is planned for late 2013 on Playstation 4, Xbox 720, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to be one of the first in a new generation of consoles. But what do you expect from this game? Will it be a revolution among the shooters? Do you expect versions of games for the Playstation 4? Your answers you can leave in the comments below.

Battlefield 4 PREVIEW! – Inside Gaming GDC 2013