Samsung LaptopsMatthew Garrett, one of the developers of the core Linux, recently engaged in making boot Linux on systems with UEFI, published the results of experiments with laptops Samsung, which shows the problem with UEFI-firmware, leading to further work temporarily.

The problem occurs on laptops Samsung 300E5C, NP700Z5C, NP700Z7C 530U3C and when trying to load Linux using UEFI, or performing some specific operations UEFI in other operating systems, including Windows 8.

It was found that the problem occurs only when memory for variables UEFI filled more than half. In particular, the causes of the problems are rooted in error GC UEFI. When you delete a UEFI-variable, it is not cleared immediately, but only marked deleted. Cleaning is done in the initialization at boot time by running the firmware implemented in the garbage collector. If space is insufficient, the garbage collector freezes, making it impossible to boot the system without further purification Flash-memory in the service center. When memory UEFI enough (50%), the device is saved to normal operation. Using this feature, Matthew prepared a patch for the kernel Linux, NOT permissible filling UEFI-memory more than half.

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