Karate - Samurai SpiritThere is a genuine karate – Treasure of the Tradition. It is born and reborn with every teacher, ascetic lives, finding unique stylistic features, and it becomes the property of people through schools.

In fact, true karate does not die, because it – the presence of the eternal spirit of martial arts. Represents a true karate way, making life dared to enter it into a continuous test and search.

In original karate power of martial art and its spirituality are interconnected as strength of Yin and Yang, which are embodied in the famous oriental symbol. Their Harmony – the goal of all the great masters and mentors.

The idea of Budo-karate is attractive to those who doesn’t limit martial art to sports and to whom high ideals of old masters are expensive. For them, as you know, the sport is not too much space. After all sports, especially professional, subject to quite different laws – the laws of commerce and business.

Nicholas Pettas goes to Japan and visits several Karate schools