Open SourcePresented release component QtWebKit 2.3.0, which provides tools for use in Qt-applications browser engine WebKit.

QtWebKit 2.3 version is a port of the engine from the QtWebKit 3.0 Qt 5.0, adapted for use in a branch of Qt 4.8.x.

Compared with QtWebKit from the Qt 4.8 in QtWebKit 2.3 adds support for many new web-based technologies (WebGL, CSS shaders / filters, CSS regions / exclusions, window.requestAnimationFrame, etc.), the transition to a fresh code base WebKit, added support for remote web-inspektirvoaniya, A proper interface for automatic spell checking, improved performance and reduced memory consumption.

Unlike QtWebKit from the Qt 5 in the present issue of the lack of specificity for Qt 5 features such as QQuickWebView, and ensured compatibility between API and ABI with the QtWebKit 2.2. Thus QtWebKit 2.3 can be used to transparently replace previous editions QtWebKit, while providing enhanced support for web-technology and much better performance. Work QtWebKit 2.3 is intensively tested in browsers and Rekonq Qupzilla, based on QtWebKit.

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