Nvidia GridNvidia this week as part of technology conference GPU Technology Conference presented its new server product called Nvidia Grid Visual Computing Appliance or just VCA.

The new development is a business-oriented sibling previously shown the game server Nvidia Grid, presented in January at CES 2013.

The new solution is a 4U server based on Intel Xeon processors and dedicated graphics card Nvidia Grid. The main task of VCA – using the power of graphics chips for system-wide settlement. VCA is capable of 64-bit mode, use virtual machines running Windows, but unlike ordinary virtual machines, here the emphasis is on the graphics chips that can simultaneously counting a hundred streams. Potentially, VCA is a farm high end graphics professionals.

As described in the Nvidia, VCA is available in two versions: a single-processor Intel Xeon E5-2670, 192 GB of memory, eight graphics GPU, which are divided among the four cards and supports simultaneous operation of eight users. The second version of VCA has twice the performance, supporting up to 16 simultaneous users.

In Nvidia say that while VCA and Grid share a number of technologies, both of these products are intended for different audiences. The first focused on the commercial sphere – designers, architects, designers, engineers, and the second for research – researchers, biologists, chemists, geologists, etc etc.

Both products use GPU as Nvidia Quadro K5000. These graphics chips have 4 GB of memory GDDR5, which can be distributed among several hundreds of data streams. Each card can work at VCA to two users at a time, but the manufacturer recommends that you make one card for each user. In addition, each user has at his disposal to 32 GB of memory while connected to the virtual machine. The company Nvidia said that traditionally during intensive calculations RAM – is a critical parameter, so the company decided not to be greedy in that respect.

Nvidia Grid

For all this, the company states that fully loaded server consumes about 2 kW per cabinet height 4U, which is less than the traditional 4-unit server.

The company said that the use of VCA user has in his own possession is not just a virtual machine that will share their own resources with neighbors, and own a piece of equipment, involving the complete isolation and secure access to a specified amount of system resources, which allows all users to work simultaneously intensive calculations.

Originally VCA will come with a set of dedicated software that will provide templates of virtual machines, as well as provide an easy entry into production. Although originally designed as a Windows system as the underlying operating system, end-users on their own can use Mac OS X or Linux.

In Nvidia said that another highlight of the system is its ability to efficiently consume network traffic. Thus, in order to get real-time graphical resolution of 1920×1200 client requires only 10-megabit network connection.

Value of the basic configuration of the device is 24 900 dollars, plus $ 2,400 per year will have to pay for a software license. Max-version will cost 39,900 dollars, plus $ 4,800 / year for a software license. The company said it will not sell Grid VCA directly, but only the over VARov (value-added resellers).