Blizzard card gameBlizzard company decided to enter the new market of collectible card games. The new game, which will be based around the story cards, called Hearthston: Heroes of Warcraft.

Players in Hearthstone can compete against each other, the winning card, or purchase new cards in retail outlets. For the game, other than buying the cards that do not require any additional costs.

The company said that the full collection of maps Blizzard will release before the end of this year. The cards in the game will be based on the characters, spells and artifacts from the world of Warcraft. Robert Pardo, CEO of Blizzard, said that playing cards are sold in packs of 5 cards. The cost of one package of about $ 1.

Card, to shop, repeat the online game where gamers fight each other with virtual characters, different game guns and spells. Overall, the product is aimed at fans of board games, as well as those who have previously had experience of playing World of Warcraft.

First evidence of the game Blizzard presented a Pax East Gaming Convention.

Pardo said that now the direct storyline between Hearthston: Heroes of Warcraft and World of Warcraft is not, so a card game to a certain extent autonomous.


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