Urban TerrorNew versions of the free 3D-shooters Red Eclipse 1.4 and Urban Terror 4.2.010

Release of Red Eclipse 1.4 “Supernova Edition”, a free, cross-platform 3D-first-person shooter, built on Cube 2 game engine and the ongoing development of the project Blood Frontier.

The game supports game play in single player and multiplayer mode. Red Eclipse is based on the use of OpenGL and SDL and available for a wide range of operating systems: Windows, Linux, * BSD, Mac OS X. Source code distributed under a free software license ZLIB, compatible with the GPL, the Free Software Foundation approved and organization Open Source Initiative. Media, graphics and game levels available under a license Creative Commons BY-SA.

The new version adds a large portion of the improvements related to the gameplay and graphics:

– Added support of mines;
– Added the display of the player during leg kicks and long jump.
– New and revised maps available previously;
– Improved overview of the level and the camera work from the first and the outsider;
– Improved implementation of the menu;
– Implemented automatic recording demonstration pass the level.

At the same time the update is available Urban Terror 4.2.010, of a revised first-person shooter Quake 3 Arena, based on the engine id Tech 3. The new version is notable increase in performance by adding 6 new types of skins, additional provisions for the implementation of the control of the long jump, the new musical accompaniment, support for mouse behavior style QuakeLive, updates and new animation videoeffktami.

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RELEASE: 1.4 (Elara Edition)