WebnoteWebnote – a full-featured web-browser for tablet iPad, owners of mobile devices provides a number of additional “social” functions.

For example, using the proposed application, users can quickly and easily share without any interesting material found in the vast global network of friends and acquaintances.

At first glance Webnote virtually no different from other browsers for iOS, but you will find unique differences after a short acquaintance with the application. In order to isolate and transfer the network favorite piece of text, an image or media file, do a “double-clicking” on the screen. Before your eyes will be user-friendly menu with a list of available actions. From here you can share materials found on the internet, to quickly connect to their own profiles on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, and more. To interact with the browser interface and content pages with easy-to-remember and natural gestures.

By the way, Webnote will not only share interesting content with friends, and save it for later personal viewing. Reported material intended for transmission or personal acquaintance, as well as links to websites provided by friends, available in separate tabs. Icon in the upper right corner will provide you create a bookmark detailed text description.

It should be noted that to fully work with Webnote you need an account on the website of the product. Upon completion of the simple and completely free of registration Webnote offer you a set of basic instructions for using the application, and a list of users that may interest you. A menu «Settings» you can customize browser settings, for example, to clear the application cache, mute or start a surf anonymously.

Webnote application distributed free of charge and works on iPad with installed firmware iOS 6 and later versions. You can download the browser at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/webnote-by-hopin/id610240103