Power DVD 12Previously, PowerDVD was intended exclusively for watching movies on the DVD-ROM on your computer.

PowerDVD – the magic power of cinema (part 1)

Now PowerDVD is the main software for video formats. It is intended for use as a universal media library and a media player for various media and files.

Cataloger is divided into six categories:

– Library of media files – folders are added here on the computer that monitors and PowerDVD automatically parses them by type of data – video, photos, audio;

– My computer – in fact, the usual file manager that allows you to dig any file from anywhere on your computer or on the connected drives;

– Device – recognized separately allocated attached peripheral devices – flash drives, iPods, mobile devices, including those that are equipped with PowerDVD remote (remote control, which is used as your phone);

– Home Media Library – online resource for your home network, allowing you to view movies on mobile phones and other devices that are connected to the network via Wi-Fi or otherwise;

– Media network – an interesting built-in client for the popular video sharing;

– Playlists – compiled automatically (by rating or review time) or by hand the media list. Kind of filter or a way to make a separate collection.

Library media

In the media library, you can add any folder on your computer in any order. PowerDVD will automatically scan them and share content on the three supports are a group of files – video, music and photos. In principle, it is certainly convenient. However, due to the fact that all of this is added in the form of a “pile”, then, for example, a section with family photos mixed with the album art from your music collection. All media content, added by you, built by linearly directory has no hierarchy. Especially disappointing appearance of folders – to distinguish them from the individual files used to it is not easy. More or less adequate library view is obtained if your collection is initially neatly ordered in the file system. In general, this is quite a handy navigator for video and audio files. For each type of data (video, audio), there are some differences in imaging, sensitive format. For movies and photos automatically runs preview as thumbnails and screenshots. Image for music albums are available only if they are present in the folder with the music files.

My Computer

This, in essence, similar to the library browser, not for selected folders, and all of the drives. Files are automatically filtered so that you see only the formats that are supported by PowerDVD: video, music and images. Interestingly, there also is no standard for the computer able to view the hierarchy of folders on the disc. We have to consistently go into each, then the next and so on. The only thing that somehow saves – the so-called interface “bread crumbs”: a string to the serial transfer path of the folders for which you have passed. For most files and directories PowerDVD tries to show a visual thumbnail as thumbnails images or frames from movies.


This section is designed to synchronize the media library with mobile devices, players, tablets and everything else that is connected via USB. Also here is technology management PowerDVD remote, allowing the use of a smartphone as a remote control for watching movies and listening to music with PowerDVD.

Home Media Library

Here you can customize their mobile communication devices with PowerDVD home network. For tablets and smartphones to be installed mobile version of PowerDVD. Then you can watch movies and listen to music from your collection, not pumping it on the device itself (but only within the range of your network).

Media network

Interesting built-in client for Youtube and other video hosting services, and images. Authentication is required for most – you have to be registered in this service to be able to work with him through PowerDVD. But Youtube can do without registration. There are no special features here – just browse, select a category. If you are signed in your name, you can add videos to your personal favorites list, the playlists (in the service used).


As usual in similar programs and services, you can put your favorite movies and music in a separate list for playback. PowerDVD itself selects files with a high rating, you put them, recently added and last played.

Cinema Mode

The Movie mode is primarily for viewing DVD-and Blu-Ray-ROM drive. For some unknown reason, watch movies as AVI, MKV and other formats can not. True, you can choose a movie stored on disk in the form of files of the same DVD (video_ts and the like). It is for this mode is the remote control technology, although the mouse, of course, also can be used. Film mode – a separate interface, made on the principle of membrane media player. Minimum capacity, large controls, settings for viewing 3D-movies.

Thanks to all of the above with PowerDVD you turn your home computer into a versatile media center that allows you to view and listen to your collection on only the monitor, but also on TV, especially if it is able to connect to the local network, as well as mobile devices.

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