Recent Files ScannerCan not find an important document, which was spent editing the whole last night? Want to know what files are on the hard drive has been modified recently?

Wondering what other PC users in your absence? Free tool called Recent Files Scanner will answer these and many other questions.

Run the program, click Scan, and after a few moments the screen will display a comprehensive list of recently created, opened or changed files. By default, the utility scans your “Documents” and all subdirectories, but you can change the search. In the Settings dialog box, you can select any folder on your hard drive and adjust the depth of scanning (in the selected directory or from one to ten levels down).

Separate option in the interface will allow to organize search for files by date the user is interested. You can easily find files modified yesterday, a few days ago, during the last week, or at any other time. Attention users are also invited to the set of filters that will simplify and speed up search by ignoring unwanted items. Recent Files Scanner provides filtering search results by keyword, date of creation, modification or last access to the file and other criteria. After verifying the correctness of the selected settings, click on the Start button to perform a re-scan with the new parameters.

Report generated program is not just a text document. Click on any object in the list, right-click, and before your eyes will be the context menu with available actions. For example, users can quickly open a file, go to the appropriate folder, view file properties or to study it in the preview window (this feature is available only for images in common formats).

The fresh Recent Files Scanner 1.7 version can be loaded absolutely free of charge from a site of the developer – .