Virus for MacThe Russian anti-virus company Dr. Web declared detection of the Trojan program for the Mac computers which infection leads to display on sites of additional advertising.

Dr. Web identifies the program as Trojan.Yontoo.1. It is distributed under the guise of multimedia software: media player programs to improve the quality of video or “accelerator” downloading files from the Internet, the company points out in his blog.

Trojan on the computer when you install the application calls itself Free Twit Tube. In fact, the program is the boot. During installation, it loads in addition from the web more malware: browser plug-in that integrates the adware in the user viewed the Web page.

As appears from a screenshot published in the blog Dr. Web, advertising (announcements of sale of the tablets similar to iPad) appears including on the Apple company site.

Trojan for Mac

Trojan.Yontoo.1 able to finish loading plug-ins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox – the three most common browsers for the platform OS X. Because people looking at ads, hackers get money from advertisers.

Dr. Web notes that Trojan.Yontoo.1 is only one of a family of adware, which exists on many different platforms. Since 2013, experts noted increase in the number of such programs. Another antivirus company – Symantec – found a variety Yontoo operating system Windows.

Image advertising Apple (highlighted by a red border).