Virtual money BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin, the prospects of a doubt, many experts, is starting to gain real weight in the world.

One sign of this was the proposal to sell the house for virtual money: according to company BBC, the inhabitant of Canada offered the house for sale, having designated the sum in Canadian dollars and in currency Bitcoin (BTC).

Taylor More, who offers to buy its house for virtual currency, explains his decision official requirements: currency Bitcoin he needed some projects with which he is currently working. In the end, More is ready to give its house with a plot area of ​​145 hectare (3.6 acres) or a 405 thousand Canadian dollars (now the Canadian dollar is approximately equal to the U.S.), or for an equivalent amount in bitcoins. The current rate of digital currency is about 69.65 U.S. dollars per 1 bitcoin.

Popularity of digital currency is growing along with its course. Just three years ago for 10 000 (ten thousand!) Bitcoin you could buy a couple of boxes of pizza, and now for the same amount you can afford a house with a great deal of land. Not surprisingly, the Bitcoin are increasingly paying attention to major financial institutions and private individuals. In the same in Spain, where many experts are predicting another round of financial crisis, the mobile application Bitcoin Gold for iPhone devices in recent weeks rose from fifth in the ranking of hundreds of downloads of up to 72 seats. According to Bloomberg, as Spaniards are trying to move their savings out of euro currency in more reliable (as promised by the authors) a financial instrument. A major impetus for the translation into euro Bitcoin was sensational Cyprus authorities plan to impose a tax on all bank deposits at 10% (not from income on deposits, and the entire amount of the deposit) to pay off the budget deficit.

Since becoming a full-fledged Bitcoin financial instrument with all its consequences, we should expect the reaction regulators. The more money in circulation Bitcoin gets, the more important is the attention of authorities in different countries. If the EU has not made any decisions regarding digital currencies, the U.S. has already reached the specific information of the Ministry of Finance to the Service for Financial Investigation (FinCEN). You will be directed all operators to service and generating bitkoinov must undergo voluntary registration in FinCEN. Fall under the registration exchange, where the exchange of other currencies to Bitcoin, services to pay for goods in shops with bitkoinov (intermediaries who accept payment in digital currency, and then transfer the funds to the seller appropriate “traditional” currency), and “bitkoin-miners”, which generate new “coin.”

On the one hand, even the voluntary registration of all corporate players in bitkoinov contrary to the principles of openness and anonymity, laid down in this kriptovalyutu (turnover bitkoinov completely built on persistent asymmetric encryption). On the other hand, it is a good sign for the general user. As one of the pioneers of the Internet Tim Berners Lee in interview in Forbes: «FinCEN notes contain a clear signal that the U.S. laws on money laundering do not consider the currency risk, and is not going to forcibly change it or deny.”

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