Cyber CrimeMarch 20 specialists from the virus lab Eset found disguised newsletter spam messages, which tell about the situation with the tax on bank deposits of Cyprus.

We know that this topic literally blasted the media space, and gave ample ground for different speculations. Especially because at the time of Cyprus have not voted for the introduction of this tax (later it became known that the bill was rejected.)

“At the same time, we recorded the activity of the cybercriminals have also decided to use the situation in Cyprus and the hype around it for their own purposes. Attackers send letters on behalf of the BBC television with news headlines, designed to frighten the user and to convince him that a tax was approved in Parliament, “– says Artem Baranov, virus analyst Eset.

The letter contained a link, clicking on which the user is redirected to a page with a set of exploits BlackHole Exploits Kit, and then installing the Trojan Cridex (Win32/Cridex.AA). This program is usually used for theft of passwords and other confidential data.

Once infected, the user is redirected to the main page news BBC, for which he could see that the situation is not as dramatic as wanted to show cybercriminals.

It should be noted that the solutions ESET successfully detected Trojan Cridex, and said blocking the site as a phishing. “