Open SourceAfter three months from the inception of the project saw the release of SDDM (Simple Desktop Display Manager) 0.1.0, dynamically developing lightweight display manager, claiming the space on the basic login manager for KDE Plasma Workspaces 2.

SDDM is written in C + + and consists of a mode-background process back end and front end written using Qt / QML and is very flexible in terms of change of registration. Of the dependencies are only used PAM, XCB and Qt.

SDDM does not limit and allows designers to create any design built around a simple programming interface that provides some callback-call for authentication, in sleep mode, shutdown, etc. QtQuick use to build the interface allows you to use animation effects and enable hardware acceleration. In this case, the code for the definition of the interface is small enough, for example, the design theme Maui consists of only 170 lines of QML. SDDM fairly young project conceived and not all functions are implemented. In particular, there is no support for keyboard layout is not supported interface translation in different languages, and is not implemented Fast User Switching mode.


The manager for login to KDE Plasma 2