South Korea cyberattackThe Republic of Korea reported that hacker attacks on its television stations and banks has been carried out with the IP-address registered in China.

The authorities of the affected country suggest that the hackers attack through Chinese proxy could make North Korea.

Some time ago, the Korean telecom regulator said that hackers used a Chinese IP-addresses and to attack with the aim of placing malicious code on Korean computers. They also state that have not yet completed the investigation and continue to search for the final attack organizers.

This is also indicated by the one of the sources in the presidential administration. As a result of a hacker attack stopped working servers television companies YTN, MBC and KBS, as well as two large banks – Shinhan Bank and NongHyup Bank.

“Unidentified Chinese hackers used IP-addresses to communicate with servers Korean organizations and the arrangement of the malware. At this stage, we continue to make efforts to establish the source of the attacks. While we do not make any conclusions, but at the same time, nothing not rule out “- has twisted the head of Korean telecom regulator Park Jae-moon.

Several hours passed before the financial companies led their servers in order. As for television, it is reported to have suffered more serious. A total of 32 of the attackers damaged thousands of computers, and their full recovery will take at least five days.

The investigation preceding the virtual attacks brought intelligence on the trail of a large group of North Korean hackers based in Pyongyang that specializes in hacking online resources neighbor. But not the fact that this time South Korea attacked from there.

The most productive attack from Pyongyang was made in 2011 and lasted for 10 days, which antivirus developer McAfee, owned by Intel, called the “Ten Days of Rain.” According to experts, this operation was conducted to test the strength of the virtual protection of South Korea and to evaluate its ability to survive in a real conflict.