Google KeepGoogle launches Keep for personal notes Google today presented a new network service Keep, designed to allow users to keep it short personal notes and organize their own virtual desktop.

New Evernote-like service from Google is positioned as a simple method of organizing information that allows users to virtually place Keep in almost any data, including hand-written or recorded voice on the microphone.

Keep the presentation said that the new product is a central place to store all the thoughts, plans, notes, and reminders to the user. It should be noted that in the current version is already running Keep voice recognition system that can translate the text dictated notes. “With the Keep you can quickly write if you have any ideas, thoughts, and words, to provide additional materials,” – says Katherine Kuan, Software Engineer Google.

Today, Google announced that it has released a special widget for Android-Keep, so that users can quickly access the service from a mobile device. In Google also said that the new service is fully integrated with other products of the company, such as Google Drive, Docs and others.

Note that today the company has also made clear about previously appeared data on exclusion of RSS support from the browser Google Chrome. Earlier it was reported that due to the disconnection of service Reader, designed to work with RSS-flows, the company allegedly also cancels and support for RSS in the browser Chrome, deleting the appropriate plugin. Today, however, Google said that these data have appeared in error. RSS support to continue in Chrome, in any case, even after disabling a service Reader, clarified today in Google.

The company said that in future versions of Chrome will be maintained RSS-detection data on the site and the browser will try to run your own RSS-reader plugin to the appropriate format, and if this is not possible, then the user will be asked about, that he himself defined exactly how the plugin should handle the data.