Open SourceDue to its structure UEFI technology can be used on different platforms.

UEFI Forum is a nonprofit organization that provides technology standards leading IT-companies.

As it became known, soon plans to introduce in the UEFI specification such operating systems running on Linux, like Ubuntu 12.10, Fedora 18 and OpenSUSE 12.3.

Introduction of UEFI support cross-functional operation of the devices, software, and operating systems. Due to its structure UEFI technology can be used on different platforms. For example, the specification of UEFI Secure Boot on Linux distributions allows users to download an alternative operating system without turning off the UEFI Secure Boot.

UEFI interface also allows users to run programs that they choose the most effective method bezoopasnym and facilitating their interaction.

UEFI specifications are intended to improve the safety and standardization, thus enabling you to faster download. Companies providing backup and disaster recovery of servers, desktops, laptops and virtual machines using UEFI technology to protect sensitive data. In the case of system failure, the use of UEFI technology reduces downtime and loss of revenue.

UEFI Forum President Mark Doran said that such extensive use UEFI interface demonstrates his ability to create next-generation technology for virtually any platform.

Linus Torvalds has opposed the implementation of support UEFI Secure Boot with key Microsoft