Open SourceOrganization Yorba Foundation, who oversees the development of the popular Picture Manager Shotwell, to release a lightweight e-mail client Geary 0.3, based on the use of environment GNOME.

The interface is implemented using the library GTK3 +. Among the goals of the project is called creating rich in features, but uses minimal resources and very easy to use product. The mail client is designed as a separate use, and work together with web-oriented e-mail services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Finished installation packages are available for Ubuntu and Fedora Linux, users of other distributions are prompted to build from source. The code is written entirely in Vala and distributed under license LGPL. Database to store messages the database SQLite, to search for message-based full-text index. To work with the new IMAP enabled based on GObject libraries working asynchronously (loading operation does not block mail interface). Of dependency: Vala 0.17.4, gee-1.0, gio-2.0, glib-2.0, gmime-2.6, gnome-keyring-1, gtk + -3.0, sqlite3, unique-3.0 and webkitgtk-3.0.

The innovations introduced in Geary 0.3:

– Support for simultaneous use of multiple accounts;
– The editor of the account settings;
– WYSIWYG view the thread of correspondence, which shows including their own answers;
– Support for a light background downloading messages, making the job even faster Geary;
– Ability to mark messages as spam / not spam;
– Implementation of the folder to contain critical messages;
Support clotting more compressed messages in the viewer correspondence;
– Simplified mode notes read, acting as prokturki in the view of correspondence;
– Allocation of unread messages in the viewer correspondence;
– Support for authentication-less SMTP-sessions;
– Ability to use inspection routines in WebKit viewer correspondence.

Key features Geary:

– Support for creating and viewing e-mail messages, send and receive email, send out a response to all respondents, and forward the message;
– WYSIWYG editor for creating messages using markup HTML (involved webkitgtk), with support for spell checking, font selection, highlighting, inserting links, indent, etc.;
– The function of group messages on the discussion. Several modes of display messages in the discussions. Currently available only consistent view messages in the discussion, but will be available soon and the tree with a clear allocation of threads. A great feature is the fact that in addition to the current message, you can immediately see the previous and the following message in the discussion (messages scroll through continuous tape), which is useful when reading lists. For each message shows the number of responses;
– Ability to mark individual messages (set of flags and flag “asterisk”);
– Fast and immediately called find the message (a la Firefox);
– Works in conjunction with several mail accounts;
– Support tools for seamless integration with web-mail services like Gmail, Mobile Me and Yahoo! Mail;
– Full support for IMAP and synchronization messages. Fully compatible with popular IMAP-servers, including Dovecot;
– Ability to control via keyboard shortcuts. For example, Ctrl + N to write messages, Ctrl + R to reply, Ctrl + Shift + R to reply to all the participants, Del to put mail in the archive;
– Due to mail archiving;
– Works in offline-mode;
– Support for internationalization and translation of the interface into several languages;
– Autocomplete input email addresses in your message;
– Availability applet to display notification of new mail in envelopes GNOME Shell and Unity;
– Full support for SSL and STARTTLS.

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