Plasma Media CenterKDE project introduced the first release of a new application – Plasma Media Center 1.0.0 (PMC), which provides a unified interface for multimedia content on desktop PCs, netbooks, tablets, TVs and other devices, which can be run environment KDE. PMC has a typical media center functions and allows you to display images, play music and play video.

At its core is based on PMC technology Plasma and KDE, and using QML to form interface, adapted to the different classes of devices.

Basic capabilities PMC:

– Support for viewing the contents of the local file system;
– Ability to use the search tools on the desktop KDE (KDE Desktop Search) for a unified view of all available media content;
– View photos placed in external online-services such as Flickr and Picasa;
– Create playlists of your existing content. Playing in random or sequential order;
– Tools to create your own plug-ins that extend the functionality of the PMC;
– Support for various control mechanisms, including keyboard / mouse, touch screen and remote control.

Binaries are not yet available, but the published instructions for building from source on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux.