Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun HuangNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said today that while he was disappointed sales figures of the new tablet operating system, Windows RT.

Speaking at a meeting with analysts and journalists, the head of Nvidia said that while the devices based on Windows RT very few, and those that are present on the market, sold poorly.

“Windows RT disappointing because we expected that sell more components in this segment. Everybody expected that sell more.” – Huang said.

According to him, Microsoft itself has to decide for themselves how it is important for Windows RT and how long the company will be ready to invest in this system. “Windows RT important to Microsoft? ARM important to Microsoft? I believe so, yes. It should even be too important, as more and more consumers are working with mobile devices based on the infrastructure,” – he said.

Separately, he noted that Microsoft should be the prime objective of Issue Outlook for Windows RT, because “many millions” of consumers are simply waiting for this “bated breath.”

Recall that last week, in the industry there is anecdotal evidence that sales of tablets Microsoft Surface was only 1.5 million shares, including Surface RT – is 900 000.

CEO Nvidia touched in his speech before the company announced a portable gaming device that should appear in a few months. Wang said that the detailed technical data on the console Shield company intends to submit in the second quarter during a conference for developers of Nvidia. However, it is already known that the Shield will be a 5-inch Android-based device SoC-chip Tegra 4 and was originally designed to work with mobile games.

“It will be a pure consumer product. While we have no expectations in terms of it, we have no plans to profit from it, but we still hope to get it,” – says Huang.

He noted that Nvidia will not use the model, to test Microsoft, Nintendo or Amazon, where the device is sold virtually at cost, and the manufacturer makes on the content. “Here we have another plan, we’re going to attract third-party developers of great features Shield. Course, some content will appear on the Nvidia Tegra Zone, but he will not prevail,” – said Huang.

Also new from Nvidia, scheduled for this year, should be the new graphics chips Volta and Maxwell. In Nvidia said that with these solutions, users can create “realistic virtual avatars.” It is expected that both of the new GPU over time will replace the current Nvidia chips with micro-Kepler.

It is known that Volta and Maxwell will be used in desktop graphics chips GeForce, and professional solutions for Quattro graphic stations. Later will be released and updated GPU Tesla for supercomputers.

One of the great innovations coming microarchitecture Maxwell will be that the chips based on it can be used to calculate not only the “native” memory GPU, and RAM. It will create a so-called “shared pool of resources”, which can be increased if necessary amount of graphics memory to GPU. Wang said that the graphics memory and RAM memory – are two different types of memory, so there will be used the technology abstraction VGX, which will make the memory of the same type in terms of the graphics chip.

Also the head of Nvidia said that will implement mobile chips Maxwell, and the first time they will support 64-bit addressing for processors ARM, and also the first to be created on the basis of 3D-transistors.

Volta updated chips will be even faster than the first time Maxwell will have integrated graphics memory directly on the main processor cores. Such an approach would dramatically increase the capacity and performance of the chip. In addition, Nvidia neckolko change Volta device processors and reduce the dimensions of the nuclei and their energy consumption.