spider.ioIndependent IT company Spider.io today published a report according to which she was able to find a botnet that steals more than $ 6 million per month by ad impressions fictitious and fraudulent clicks on ads.

New botnet, called Chameleon, consists of more than 120,000 Windows-based computers in the U.S., which simulate the behavior of real Internet users to make the transition to the advertisements and generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue, as from the point of view of marketing systems, they look like ordinary people.

In Spider.io say fraud clicks advertisers is quite a lot of money advertisers pay on average to 69 cents per 1,000 ad impressions on the network. Chameleon unscrewed at least 14 billion ad impressions, servicing 202 customers in the U.S..

The researchers say that all bot browsers pretended to Internet Explorer 7 in Windows 7. She worked as a botnet through program development Trident, ability to work with JavaScript. “Every boat has used an arsenal of tools to make advertising systems to believe that they are working with real users,” – said in Spider.io. The company also said that users of infected PCs experienced frequent hangs and reboots computers.

At the time of blocking botnet under the control was at least 50 000 static IP-addresses to help create legitimacy advertising transitions.

The first traces of advertising bot networks were discovered in December 2012, and in February Chameleon activity increased significantly.

Chameleon Botnet