Open SourceReleasd of tools to work with SMART-information – Smartmontools 6.1

The new version of the package smartmontools (6.1), containing the application (smartctl and smartd) to monitor and control (S) ATA and SCSI / SAS drives enabled for SMART.

The main changes implemented since the release of 6.0:

  • Support for SCSI: new options -s/-g wcace / rcache to control caching, added a lot of information about the device, including the identification of speed drives, form factor, the status of testing. Added support for writing attributes (-A) and status (-s) in smartd. Added support team READ DEFECT (12) for large lists of defects. Redesigned smartctl output for easy display.
  • Support for ATA: Support for ACS-3, improved option “-l directory”, Fixed support ‘-l select, cont + SIZE’, added support for OEM Id, improved detection temperature disc in smartd.
  • Support for FreeBSD: now supports SAS disks on the Areca, improved support for 3ware, added support for 3ware 9750 (/ dev / twsX). Fixed problems with atacam devices and improved with LSI / Megaraid controllers.
  • Support for Linux: now supports SAS disks on the Areca, improved support for LSI / Megaraid, added automatic device detection for LSI / Megaraid interface.
  • Other changes: to send messages now use the script / etc /, the code associated with network support is excluded from smartd. Many updates in the database devices, support Prolific USB controllers, error correction.