ShotwellThe release of the program to manage a collection of photos Shotwell 0.14.0.

Shotwell provides convenient opportunities of cataloging the collection and navigation, supports grouping by time and tags, provides tools for importing and converting new photos, supports the implementation of standard image processing operations (rotation, red-eye reduction, exposure compensation, color optimization, etc. .), provides a means to publish on social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

Ready binaries are available for Linux-distro Ubuntu and Fedora.

Major improvements Shotwell 0.14:

  • Significantly improved and redesigned slideshow. Added new effects to display the images in the slideshow. For example, the substitution of a single image is available in the form of another impending stripes, squares or chess board;
  • Extended support for RAW-images. When you import from digital cameras been established steam processing RAW-images and associated JPEG-files, support for individual export JPEG-files of a bunch of RAW + JPEG;
  • Transition to a multimedia framework GStreamer 1.0 for video;
  • Mode tree view of directories in the sidebar;
  • Failure during file import is now displayed more understandable account of the problem and can record information about the copied files to a separate log;
  • The module is integrated with the Facebook Graph API added support and the ability to display the folder with the images in the sidebar;
  • Fixed 176 errors.

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