Windows 7 SP1Microsoft starts automated deployment service pack Windows 7 SP1 on user PCs

According to the company Microsoft, all users of Windows 7, not yet installed the Service Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1) on your computer, in the very near future will these updates automatically. Automatic updating of Windows 7 SP1 starts from today and will last several weeks.

It should be noted that the ability to deploy Windows 7 SP1 via Automatic Update service was first provided users with more than two years.

However, to date from customers require permission to install the new version. “Now, install the service pack will be implemented in a fully automatic mode without any user – said Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc. All you need to do owner of the computer is to enable the service for automatic updates and make sure there is 750-1050 megabytes of free space on your hard disk. Those people who, for one reason or another want to avoid updating the operating system, should be a mechanism to disable Automatic Update.

For corporate customers, is used to install patches and updates to Windows specific tools (such as Windows Server Update Services or Systems Center Configuration Manager) also have nothing to fear. IT administrators will be able to fully control the deployment of the service pack.

According to the developer, these measures taken in connection with the imminent termination of official support for Windows 7 RTM. Beginning on 9 April this year, Microsoft will not provide users of this new version of the OS patches and updates that remove critical security vulnerabilities. Basic support for Windows 7 SP1, in turn, will run until 13 January 2015. A security patch will be released for another five years after that date, until 14 January 2020.


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